Majestic's original and ingenious designs, created with the aid of innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology, offer invisibly set diamond jewelry that is unequalled in its brilliance and quality.

Majestic Jewelry's manufacturing process combines traditional diamond-cutting know-how, complex hi-tech processes, sophisticated cutting-edge technology, tools borrowed from the optics industry, and dedicated software.

Strict adherence to quality at all stages of production ensures the superiority of our products.

Every jewel that we manufacture will have gone through the same exacting quality-driven process:


  • Polished round diamonds are scrutinized and carefully selected with a perfectionist's attention to detail.
  • Each diamond is hand-cut and calibrated according to a complex computerized design, in order to conform rigorously to a pre-defined shape and size.
  • The diamonds are set invisibly under a microscope like an intricate puzzle to the precision of 1/100 mm.

About Us

Roni Stschik, jewelry designer and diamantaire, is the founder and managing director of Majestic D&J Ltd.

Roni's fascination with the diamond world was inherited from his grandfather and mentor, Shmuel Raphaeli, who was a pioneer in the diamond industry and a pillar of the Israeli diamond industry. His Father is the creator of the famous Royal-Cuts diamond and until today's acts as an advisor to the various aspects of the company.

In 1995, Roni joined the family business, where he was initiated into all aspects of the diamond business. He learned first-hand all about rough diamonds, diamond polishing and diamond marketing. Concurrently with his apprenticeship at the family firm, Roni studied political science and international relations at university, and continued to develop his natural tendency towards sculpture and painting. In 1995, Roni was accepted as a member of the Israel Diamond Exchange, and in 1997 he established Majestic Jewelry Ltd.

Majestic is a member of the IJMA (Israeli Jewelers Association), Member of the Israel Export & International Cooperation and a member of the WFDB (World Federation of Diamond Bourses).


About Our Jewelry

Majestic's designer diamond jewelry includes necklaces, pendants, earrings, and rings in 18K white, yellow gold, and platinum. We are famous for our invisible setting technique, our precision and our outstanding value for money.

Majestic collections include:


  • Majestic ®, a variety of seamless jewels, each created from a number of small round diamonds that sparkle with the splendor of a single large diamond, and more.
  • The polished round diamonds are set invisibly under a microscope like an intricate puzzle, to the precision of 1/100 mm. Creating these jewels requires a combination of traditional diamond-cutting know-how, complex hi-tech processes, cutting-edge technology, tools from the optics industry, and dedicated software.
  • Girasole ®, a unique line of colorful and kinetic diamond jewelry.
  • Girasole is the revolving sun, and also a sunflower that adapts its position in relation to the sun. Vivacious as the sun, Girasole jewels are expressive and versatile. Revolving on a double axis, a number of components are set with diamonds or different colored gemstones, combined with precious metals. A single jewel provides 4 to 9 distinctive options, each with its own mood and coloring, dynamically changing to suit different occasions and different colored outfits.

All Majestic collections are patented worldwide.


The Israeli Jewelry Manufacturers Association

WFDB Mark number: IDE4239

WFDB - Certificate of Eligibility

Member of the Israel export & International Cooperation Institute

IJMA - Member of the Israel Jewelry Manufacturers' association

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